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The odd whiff of chip fat stabs the air, which is then overwhelmed by a waft from that glistening 'meat' which revolves endlessly behind the fuggy but friendly takeaway counters that line the street.
Our Kyle went fuggy an' Our Charlie 'ad a little go then I shot meself on to it big style givin' it Geronimo an that an' some nowt musta sawed the branch through or sommat coz it just went like.
David Blunkett's recent decision to reclassify the drug as a less harmful intoxicant may or may not signal the start of our society's slide into fuggy anarchy, but the effect on our musicians is far more predictable.
Some houseplant lovers grow a number of plants in the same room, - usually the fuggy living room.
fuggy, draughty withal, rat-stricken, primeval, crampt, and crowded, yet housing.
So far the ban had not cut down my personal consumption because of the walks between pubs, but it had undermined my rosy recollection of cosy, friendly, fuggy Irish hostelries.
I refuse to go into some pubs because I won't breathe fuggy air and I go ballistic in restaurants when someone at the next table shoves an outstretched arm - complete with a smoking cigarette - away from their face and into mine.
This is not some dodgy hippy activity but a rediscovered interest in what our ancestors first learnt in a fuggy cave - that smoke not only preserves food but gives it a distinct and pleasant flavour too.
If, as we are urged, we are to let the "train take the strain" I trust that the railways will ensure that this happy band of techno-twits are rightfully incarcerated in their own fuggy little carriages, away from normal human beings.
He said his decision would come as a "major shock" to those who know him, but added: "I want to know if I can achieve more without the highs and lows of the gay days and fuggy haze of booze.
At the fuggy Smithfield Bar and Restaurant, posters declared "Welcome to Smoke-on-Trent" and ashtrays overflowed with butts.
SO farewell then, English boozer, you warm, fuggy refuge from this plastic world of shallow hype and image obsession.
4-litre diesel version I tested fires up with all the subtlety of a canal boat coughing into life on a damp and fuggy autumn morning.
UNTIL Dublin introduced its public smoking ban the fair city had for me been a place of wonderful fuggy late night pubs.