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the tendency of a gas to expand or escape

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the lack of enduring qualities (used chiefly of plant parts)

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Technical literature is prolific in reporting experimental data of properties such as activity and fugacity coefficients, as well as of other physicochemical parameters.
Between Bertha's inner flame and the pear tree in the garden, the narrative projects a poetic prose that questions the fugacity and continuity of momentary passions.
On the one hand, we perceive its increased fugacity in these circumstances, and, on the other, how the dramatic force of the events affects its subjective perception, disrupting its linear flow, compressing and mixing the dimensions of past, present and future.
Material is organized in 13 chapters addressing the concepts of internal energy, entropy, and temperature dependence of heat capacities--and the three Laws of Thermodynamics; homogeneous and heterogenous equilibria, fugacity, activity, and equilibrium constant; Effingham-Richardson diagrams; phase rule and phase relations, phase stability, and thermochemical diagrams; phase equilibrium and transformation in metals under high pressures; and thermodynamics of special systems, solutions, electrochemical cells, point defects in binary inorganic compounds, and surfaces and interfaces.
Politics which, though not indifferent to the historical memory, compromise their acts with present and future challenges; politics which compromise without restriction to the fugacity of electoral processes, to parliamentary representation or to the legitimacy conferred by the governments of social and democratic States based on the rule of law, no matter how valuable they are in the mediation established between civil society and governmental powers.
145 (1751), Johnson moves from a focus on fugitive texts themselves and on fugacity in general to the writers who produce such texts, introducing authorship rather than the form of the book miscellany or repository as a means of mediating ephemerality.
The critical fugacity for surface adsorption of self-avoiding walks on the honeycomb lattice is 1 + %/2.
It is a resource that responds to the fugacity of the message in a medium that is conditioned by a limited time of exposure and has no visual references to reinforce the auditory data.
The central action of Canto XXIV is the instantaneous reduction to ashes, in order to be restored and start over again, like the phoenix, of Vanni Fucci, whose very name rings with vain fugacity (vanitas) and the fact that he was here (ci fu).
Modelling of pharmaceutical residues in Australian sewage by quantities of use and fugacity calculations.
In the unsecured labyrinths of nihilism that imprison us in the vertigo of time reduced to the momentum, the death of God threatens to clone and replicate itself in the human subject, whose life becomes an inert function and instrument within the mere scope of the activities that man creates to which he offers wholly himself confined in the fugacity and voracity of the present moment.
Tellez, "Equation of state in the fugacity format for the two-dimensional Coulomb gas", J.
All calculations are performed within an approximation of the use of concentration rather than thermodynamic activity or fugacity, but that usage, despite its prospectively severe inaccuracy, is standard practice in general chemistry; the additional complications of activity coefficients are typically left to advanced courses in analytical and physical chemistry.
We have asked the polled journalists to evaluate Twitter, in comparison to the legacy media, according to some provided features, and we found out that the most relevant features of this social media seems to be speed, fugacity and diversity.
The gods are those who have passed by, and thereby are characterized by their lack of constant, immediate presence, and by their fugacity and elusiveness.