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stale air


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Angarano and Underwood offer solid support as mentors, who either disappoint George ("I thought you were so cool") or provide him with a shocking ultimatum to shake him out of the fug.
So it's something of a mystery then that we're still even talking about Cannon & Ball all these decades on from their humble beginnings cracking gags amidst the Woodbine fug of '70s clubland.
The show contains implicit warnings about apathy that director Clare Dow hopes filter through the fug of sex, dance and music.
And so I settled down in a fug of red wine to sup up all the cholesterol-stoking treats in Delia's Classic Christmas on BBC2 - her first Yuletide outing for nearly 20 years.
Although sit-coms of genius such as Seinfeld, Friends and Frasier, and HBO programmes, such as The Wire and Sopranos, sometimes shine through the fug, the news is a succession of gleaming veneers below too much eye make-up and bouffant hair - and the women are just as bad.
Thus the Chubby Grocer becomes the Grubby Choser and the air of desperation surrounding grocery retail becomes a thick fug.
But whilst Downing Street Kindling, the band's powerful salute to political and cultural disillusion in Britain is still exciting and fresh, too much of their set lacks distinction, and genuine highlights are lost in a meandering, unfocused fug.
The heavy non-smokers won't like it, but they don't tend to use boozers anyway and if they do are prepared to put up with the fug.
Terrified Kyri Haelis was forced to drive blind in a fug of smoke at 70mph before the car engine cut out and ground to a halt.
This is designed to influence tenant choice but takes no account of individual private preferences for fresh air or fug, nor of the cost.
Contract notice: Framework agreement for the supply of radio equipment fug 8b1 according to tr bos incl.
The hall was deserted, chairs set in crooked lines, a fug of stale fag smoke hanging in the air.
Tim's sweetness contrasts with the jaded cynicism of the other characters, gradually shaking them out of their fug and providing the dramatic momentum for the film's uplifting resolution.
Honestly, there must be flies frozen in mid-air in their Hollywood bathroom, so thick is the fug of lacquer.
Nothing about Alwinton Show on Saturday was calculated to shock me into the present, and the rich fug of cigarette smoke that greeted me as I walked into the beer tent almost induced a Proustian return to the Tyneside pubs I began frequenting in about 1970.