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the activity of supplying or taking on fuel

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Air Products, the leading supplier of merchant hydrogen to the refinery industry to assist in the making of cleaner burning transportation fuels, has placed a majority of its hydrogen fueling station technology in 17 states within the United States.
Air Products has provided both liquid and gaseous hydrogen fueling at varied pressures including 700 bar (10,000 psi) at numerous locations.
More information on Air Products' hydrogen fueling station technologies and activities can be found at http://www.
An earlier Air Products hydrogen fueling station, also located in Seoul, began fueling automobiles in September.
Air Products has placed over 70 fueling stations on-stream in 12 countries, including for mass transit fueling in Beijing, China for buses to be used to shuttle athletes and visitors for the 2008 Olympic Games.
A scheduled tour stop later in the day tomorrow is at Air Products' headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where the company will fuel multiple vehicles with its new hydrogen fueling station.
Hydrogen when delivered in typical fueling station quantities is cost competitive with gasoline.
This agreement includes the supply of hydrogen fuel and a dedicated fueling station for the 10 hydrogen powered buses, which form a central part of London's hydrogen transport program.
August 29, 2007 -- Air Products signed an agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency's Research and Development Program to develop an indoor hydrogen fueling station technology infrastructure to fuel 40 hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklifts for daily warehouse operations at the Defense Distribution Depot Susquehanna Pennsylvania.
The first fueling of this kind in Greece took place in Skaramanga, near Athens.
February 27, 2007 -- Featuring advancements in hydrogen fueling technology, Air Products, the University of California, Irvine, with the support of the United States
Department of Energy, unveiled a new 700 and 350 bar (10,000/5,000 psi) pressure capable vehicle fueling station on the UCI campus.