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Synonyms for fueling

the activity of supplying or taking on fuel

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Pataki today announced a new innovative public-private partnership between the State and Clean Energy -- the largest provider of vehicular natural gas in North America -- that will create a "clean fuel corridor" in New York by opening eight compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations across the State to the public for the first time.
Credit concerns include the narrow revenue stream securing the bonds, lack of a security position for bondholders in the fueling system, the current financial status of the airline industry, and a potential decline in demand for air transport due to the development of alternative sources of transportation or travel substitutes.
With Toyota, Honda, GM, Nissan, Ford, Daihatsu, Mazda, and DaimlerChrysler all having hydrogen fuel cell vehicles operating on public roads somewhere in the world and many planning to introduce dozens more this year, people are beginning to stop doubting the validity of fuel cell vehicles and starting to wonder where exactly these hydrogen vehicles will be fueling up
We are reproducing real-world conditions by installing it outside the laboratory on a concrete pad and fueling it with pipeline natural gas.
org) today celebrated the opening of its methanol fueling station, signaling arrival of the second of three planned fuels for fuel cell vehicle demonstrations to take place by 2003.
Equally problematic, many of the already certified alternative fuels, like electricity and fuel cells, won't be viable as a fueling option for many years or even decades.
Additionally, there is the need to create substantial infrastructure changes for fueling stations (in the case of CNG and similar fuels) and other requirements for distribution that are capital intensive.