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In my opinion, the most important jobs on the Slope, and the least appreciated, are the fueler and the housekeeper.
The credit is 50 cents per gallon of alternative fuel sold or used and, similar to the alternative fuel mixture credit, requires the taxpayer to be registered with the IRS as an alternative fueler.
The fueler is providing hydrogen for a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine pick-up truck which is being used as a development, demonstration and educational tool in coordination with a program involving the Aiken County Economic Development Partnership.
On December 2, 2002, Air Products delivered its first hydrogen fueler to the Honda Motor Company for their fuel cell vehicle program with the City of Los Angeles, CA.
His love of motorsport took him from helping out at speedway in Glasgow to Florida and now Indianapolis where the 38-year-old is fueler and mechanic with Fernandez Racing.
The Linde mobile fueler allows customers to test the feasibility of using LNG as an alternative to fuels such as diesel.
I need armored doors for the rear compartment on my M979 HEMTT fueler.
This is hard work," Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael Ellitt, Aviation Boatswain Fueler out of San Diego, said about the reconstruction process.
If you have a fueler, make sure it is kept full--and make sure you have certified fuel handlers.
The 14th also contracted for equipment to rebuild the causeway--five 20-ton dump trucks, two excavators, two bucket loaders, a fueler, a grader, a water distributor, a roller, and a dozer.
Q: I own a service station, and I have a pregnant employee who works as a fueler (filling customers' gas tanks).
In addition to providing two additional gun trucks (M-ATVs), A Company also provided the M978 HEMTT fueler and an M916 tractor with a lowboy trailer.
During the Convoy Security lane, the platoons were tasked to escort a mission-essential HEMTT (heavy expanded mobility tactical truck) fueler along a main supply route (MSR).
A fueler and five ammunition-laden trucks were destroyed.
Linde will also introduce another high-performance hydrogen fueler to the North American market -- the HF-KTA hydrogen fueling station.