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Antonyms for fueled

heated, driven, or produced by burning fuel


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The announcement came at the headquarters of Sacramento Regional Transit District (RTD), a leader in providing people with clean, efficient travel and commute options, including rail and natural gas fueled buses, which reduce petroleum consumption.
The promise these cars hold--to be both environmentally friendly and technically superior--has fueled an international race to get a fuel cell car to market.
Kirin Brewery in Japan operates a DFC power plant fueled on digester gas.
Governor Donohue, New York is a national leader in the use and purchase of clean fueled vehicles and in fact, every year since the Federal Energy Policy Act we have exceeded the federally mandated requirements for purchase of alternative-fueled vehicles.
Fueled with hydrogen, the double-conversion online fuel cell UPS can provide unlimited backup power, as long as fuel is supplied.
Ballard Power Systems' (NASDAQ: BLDP) (TSX: BLD) and EBARA Corporation's jointly owned company, EBARA BALLARD, together with Nippon Oil Corporation, announced their joint development of a kerosene fueled 1 kW combined heat and power stationary proton exchange membrane ("PEM") fuel cell generator for the Japanese residential market.