fuel oil

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a petroleum product used for fuel


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ISTANBUL, Oct 27, 2010 (TUR) -- The share of foreign companies in Turkish fuel oil industry has almost risen to 70 percent, according to a report of the Energy Market Regulation Board (EPDK).
OSS's customers would get cold feet about using clean fuel oil, said the barrister, and if that was the case financial collapse could be just weeks away.
Oil distributors are reforming their refining facilities to shift business emphasis from fuel oil to other petroleum products such as gasoline, but will continue to face difficulties with demand for such products remaining stagnant, they said.
The discount on fuel oil to Dubai crude has narrowed from $3/barrel in September to about 30 cents/barrel.
Fuel oil companies are still faced with tremendous challenges though there are many favorable conditions.
The ships have successfully unloaded the fuel oil and gas oil to tankers at the Zouk Mikail, Jiyyeh and Zahrani power plants before the arrival of the snowstorm.
Iran's market-savvy officials and Persian Gulf-based middlemen have adopted creative strategies to get around the sanctions, from using ship-to-ship transfers, to discharging and loading at remote ports and blending Iran's fuel oil with other fuels to hide its origin.
As we go into the summer season, the import of lower-sulphur fuel oil may increase, just as it did in 2011.
The average loss from producing fuel oil in Singapore was $3.
The Argus volume-weighted average for high-sulphur fuel oil was $314.
Romita is now responsible for all operational activities within the commercial fuel oil and natural gas divisions leading a team of over 300 employees.
The contract is for the supply of light fuel oil L-1 - hereinafter referred to as fuel oil, for heating purposes, in accordance with the needs of the customer and its successive delivery to the recipients tanks indicated in the Annex.
Summary: The president and prime minister authorized the Finance Ministry to release the funds for the fuel oil shipment to avoid an electricity blackout, a source at the ministry said Thursday.
The NIOPDC launched bunkering for the first time in the Persian Gulf in 2007 in cooperation with the private sector and managed to sell one million tons of fuel oil to vessels in the period.
While the world's attention has focused on Iran's reduced exports of crude oil, the Islamic Republic has quietly sent its exports of fuel oil soaring.