fuel oil

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a petroleum product used for fuel


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SOCAR shipped 120,000 tons of fuel oil from Ventspils to Malta and more than 200,000 tons from Klaipeda in January," the source said.
The decision came amid the start-up of Pakistan's second LNG terminal, the beginning of the slow winter demand season versus summer and the government's resolve to reduce power production from aging fuel oil plants - which cause more pollution and are inefficient and expensive compared to their gas-fired equivalent.
Art Cassanos, president of Colonial Fuel Oil, said, 'We looked at a number of possible companies to acquire the Colonial Fuel Oil business and we selected Quarles as the best fit for our customers.
Axelrod said the sale of Fuel Oil and Feedstock Trader will permit it to focus on the firm's core areas of business research and consulting, oil cargo brokerage, and project development.
Mutairi said Kuwait needs 120,000 barrels per day (bpd, or about 18,000 tonnes per day) of fuel oil in the summer and 70,000 bpd, or 10,000 tonnes per day, in winter to generate power.
He noted that reduction in amount of liquid fuel and lack of consumption market for the fuel oil and gasoil inside the country, it had to move towards exports.
The listing opens the way for traders to directly hedge fuel oil delivered in the Gulf region and to trade the important spread between the Middle East and Singapore fuel oil markets.
During a tour to inspect operations at fuel distribution companies in Beirut, Hakim said all citizens have a right to purchase fuel oil at reasonable prices for heating purposes, especially under the current harsh weather conditions.
Tehran increased fuel oil exports in the previous year to compensate its cuts in crude oil exports.
A look at Chinese customs data shows that after importing less than $1 million worth of fuel oil in all of 2012, China imported 5.
The teapots suffer from having to import fuel oil to use as feedstock or buy crude from the majors at higher prices, which depresses their profits and often leaves utilization rates languishing at less than 50 percent.
Riyadh: Saudi Arabia, the world's largest crude exporter, doubled imports of fuel oil this year and is poised to maintain them at a high level to preserve its spare capacity for producing crude, Energy Aspects said.
Superintendents had to climb up on the tank with a giant ruler, and fuel oil companies had to handle calls from confused owners who did not understand their invoices.
KUWAIT, July 22 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) looks to increase its sales of fuel oil, used for sea vessels, and derivative marine products to the international community.