fuel injection

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mechanical system to inject atomized fuel directly into the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine

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Suzuki Motorcycle India, a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation (TYO: 7269), is equipping its new newly launched 150cc cruiser motorcycle, the Suzuki Intruder F1, with a fuel injection.
Instead of controlling the fuel flow to keep the AFR close to the stoichiometric as in fuel injection system, the smart engine management system has a sophisticated air control mechanism to make the AFR close to stoichiometric.
The marine fuel injection market is expected to reach a value of USD 5.
Kinsler Fuel Injection, NGK Spark Plug CO LTD, Ti Automotive Inc.
But it's not as efficient as fuel injection at distributing a combustible mixture to the cylinders.
4 February 2016 - US-based diesel fuel injection system provider Pure Power Technologies has been acquired from US-based truck manufacturer Navistar, Inc.
AQSIQ said the poorly sealed fuel injection system may cause fire in extreme cases.
Usually, fuel injection systems are only used in motorcycles, but in recent years there has been a growing need to apply these systems to smaller motorized bikes up to the size of 150cc that are used in emerging markets, like China.
We have decided to form a JV with Magneti Marelli for next generation fuel injection systems.
Sigit P D of Yamaha Racing Indonesia said: "YAMAHA Jupiter Z1 is equipped with the latest proven Fuel Injection technology, which able to support for INDOPRIX machine with even more environmental performance.
The global market for fuel injection systems is experiencing steady growth over the last decade mainly due to technological advancements in the global automobile industry.
A typical fuel injection system is an assembly of number of components governed by electronic control unit (ECU) which regulates and monitors the quantity of fuel entering into engine cylinders depending upon engine requirements.
Travel Business Review-October 22, 2012--Release of the new 'Mio125i' for the Thai market; Fuel injection and more for excellent cost performance and acceleration characteristics(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
The first fuel injection process of Bushehr power plant involves 163 fuel complexes which are to be placed in the reactor complex and center of the reactor respectively.
Ron Dennis, the executive chairman of McLaren Automotive and former team boss of the McLaren-Mercedes Formula One team, is hoping one of his companies becomes the fuel injection supplier for NASCAR.