fuel injection

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mechanical system to inject atomized fuel directly into the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine

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Port fuel injection and throttle body fuel injection type held the largest market share in the automotive fuel delivery and injection systems market.
Usually, fuel injection systems are only used in motorcycles, but in recent years there has been a growing need to apply these systems to smaller motorized bikes up to the size of 150cc that are used in emerging markets, like China.
Sigit P D of Yamaha Racing Indonesia said: "YAMAHA Jupiter Z1 is equipped with the latest proven Fuel Injection technology, which able to support for INDOPRIX machine with even more environmental performance.
The global market for fuel injection systems is experiencing steady growth over the last decade mainly due to technological advancements in the global automobile industry.
A fuel injection system does not only supply fuel for combustion process but also decides on how a particular system would be optimized.
has developed the new 'Mio125i', an automatic transmission (AT) commuter model that mounts a liquid-cooled 4-stroke 125cc engine equipped with Yamaha's exclusive YMJET-FI*1 fuel injection system.
Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), a United States-based automaker, is facing a lawsuit from TMC Fuel Injection System LLC, a Wayne, Pennsylvania-based company.
Dennis is at Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend, meeting with NASCAR officials and team owners, pitching his McLaren Electronics as the vendor of choice if and when NASCAR converts from carburetors to fuel injection.
While carburetors continue to be used in several markets, fuel injection systems provide a clear-cut advantage over them for a complete replacement," Mr.
Fuel injection system must be able to meter the desired amount of fuel, depending on engine speed and load, and to inject that fuel at the correct time and with the desired rate.
Denso's common rail system limits particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions by electronically controlling fuel injection in a highly precise manner, it added.
XP500 TMAX has a four stroke CVT engine (500cc), fuel injection, double disk brakes for the front wheels, radial tires that minimize tread wear, and light weight wheels.
Diesel common rail and advanced fuel injection systems.
He saw a market in Sudbury with underground mining equipment when diesel fuel injection products were in their infancy.
A newly developed in-line fuel injection pump provides the same level of FIE performance as in Yanmar's direct-injection engines.