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an indicator of the amount of fuel remaining in a vehicle


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Just because your destination is close at hand - and you can almost smell that turkey dinner - now is not the time to ignore the fact that your fuel indicator light has gone on or that your fuel level has dropped below a quarter tank.
The other day I was driving a rented car as mine was at the garage and I miscalculated when the fuel indicator said it was empty.
The model features a console sculpted from newspaper wood, has a fuel indicator crafted from hand-blown glass, and an RCZ-inspired 'double-bubble' roof.
The new Honda Civic sports an intelligent fuel indicator which helps the driver to achieve better fuel efficiency.
As my jet slowed to a stop in the arresting gear, I looked down at my fuel indicator and saw the fuel remaining--200 pounds.
It features a 35 cc DTS-i engine, racer breed tank mounted spoilers with integrated indicators, digital speedometer with tachometer and reserve fuel indicator, dual tone graphics, and nitrox suspension.
One motorist said he was being cheated when he realised because of what his vehicle's fuel indicator was telling him.
What he actually saw was the "feed" windows on the fuel indicator showing we were burning only the fuel resident in the right feed group.
To enable the dashboard fuel indicator to show the fuel content, system manufacturers have traditionally deployed potentiometers, which have been tailored to every different tank type.
With one hand on the windshield-air switch, to keep the rain from obstructing the pilot's view, and the other hand holding my flashlight on the fuel indicator to monitor our state, I managed to troubleshoot my ICS.
Without power to the fuel indicator, we didn't have a way to monitor how much fuel we were dumping.
Pods, pod controllers, pylons and the co-pilot's fuel indicator panel will be supplied by Flight Refuelling Ltd.
The next moment, I actually saw the fuel indicator roll to 2900, then 2800.
As I headed toward my cap station to join the skipper, I saw my fuel indicators were frozen.