fuel gauge

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an indicator of the amount of fuel remaining in a vehicle

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These failings included two defective fuel gauges and a useless dipstick used to measure what was in the tanks.
Many shops report that the most troublesome aspect of installing a new digital fuel gauge or engine MFD is the fuel quantity system.
The ModelGauge m5 algorithm combines the short-term accuracy and linearity, long-term stability, and temperature compensation to provide industry-leading fuel gauge accuracy.
The new Renesas fuel gauge IC addresses these design challenges with a two-in-one solution that combines advanced algorithmic fuel gauge IC functionality with charger IC functionality in a single device.
DETROIT, Rajab 4, 1435, May 3, 2014, SPA -- General Motors is recalling 57,131 SUVs because the fuel gauges may show inaccurate readings, AP reported.
With the Verifier Digital Fuel Gauge, owners and managers know at-a-glance exactly how much fuel oil they have available and how much was received, regardless of the delivery company or any individual truck or driver.
As far as your stuck fuel gauge goes, this is a separate issue you'll have to address on its own, most likely by replacing the gauge.
Around 14,010 vehicles could have affected by fuel gauge and 8,126 could have brake pedal issue in the UAE, a spokesperson of Nissan Middle East told Khaleej Times .
Nissan previously confirmed there were 32,147 vehicles in the Middle East that were potentially affected by the fuel gauge problem, while 15,670 are affected by the potentially faulty brake pedal pins.
Dubai Nissan will recall some 32,000 cars in the Middle East, part of a total of more than half a million vehicles worldwide over brake pedal and fuel gauge problems, the company said in a statement.
Federal officials say a broken fuel gauge contributed to the Oct.
4 V, 1,900 mAh--consists of two Panasonic CGA103450A 103450 sized cells packaged in a custom enclosure with protection and fuel gauge circuitry included.
Is the 24-volt fuel gauge, water temperature gauge, or oil pressure gauge on your tactical quiet generator maxing out or burning out?
I say two penalty points for anyone with a working fuel gauge who runs out on a motorway.
A multi million pound fighter jet made an emergency landing at a North-East airport yesterday after its fuel gauge developed a fault.