fuel gauge

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an indicator of the amount of fuel remaining in a vehicle

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The new Renesas fuel gauge IC addresses these design challenges with a two-in-one solution that combines advanced algorithmic fuel gauge IC functionality with charger IC functionality in a single device.
The Maxim Integrated MAX1704 Battery Fuel Gauge ICs, available from Mouser Electronics, determines the amount of charge remaining in a battery and how much longer the battery can continue to provide useful power under the current load.
DETROIT, Rajab 4, 1435, May 3, 2014, SPA -- General Motors is recalling 57,131 SUVs because the fuel gauges may show inaccurate readings, AP reported.
NASDAQ: MXIM) today announced that it is sampling the MAX17050, the industry's highest accuracy battery fuel gauge.
With the Verifier Digital Fuel Gauge, owners and managers know at-a-glance exactly how much fuel oil they have available and how much was received, regardless of the delivery company or any individual truck or driver.
He told the inquest: "I noticed the fuel gauge had a low indication.
A spokesman said Canada-based KSR International had manufactured the faulty brake pedal pins, while Paris-based Inergy Automotive Systems was responsible for the fuel gauge problem.
Nissan previously confirmed there were 32,147 vehicles in the Middle East that were potentially affected by the fuel gauge problem, while 15,670 are affected by the potentially faulty brake pedal pins.
Nissan also said the fuel gauge level may be incorrect in cars with high mileage.
The fuel gauge is part number 945331 and NSN 6625-01-366-0193.
30am on Thursday when one of them developed a problem with its fuel gauge.
The digger, driven by Mark Parry, 25, had a faulty fuel gauge and ran out of fuel on the B4354.
Check that the fuel gauge is correct by asking the owner how much fuel is in the car and then checking the gauge.
The authority reportedly suspended the airline after the conclusions of an investigation blamed a recent crash on the wrong type of fuel gauge.
NASA yesterday tried to salvage their latest space shuttle mission - by wiggling some wires A broken fuel gauge on board the pounds 1billion Discovery has delayed the first launch since the 2003 Columbia disaster.