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Modesty forbids me to reveal the secrets of the marriage-bed, but nothing could have happened more suitable to my circumstances than that, as above, my husband was so fuddled when he came to bed, that he could not remember in the morning whether he had had any conversation with me or no, and I was obliged to tell him he had, though in reality he had not, that I might be sure he could make to inquiry about anything else.
Perhaps in future I may use anagrams when sending messages to friends, so watch out if you get an email from Dominicks Lemons, Fuddled Shire, Whiskey Resort, which is, of course, Denis Kilcommons, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
Now to follow the young people's argument, that is if my fuddled brain can: they say that we old gits should not be allowed to vote on things which the young say we should not.
She couldn't recall putting it on, but then she often got a bit fuddled nowadays.
The carnage raised immediate fears of terrorism, fuddled by recent attacks in England, France and Germany in which vehicles ploughed through crowds of pedestrians.
Perhaps the last thing you need when you've arrived there, brain fuddled with jetlag, is a conversation with Damon Albarn in full manic flow.
Then he gave a curt thank you and handed the mike back to the Screw, who said a few fuddled words about the sort of demeanor that was expected of Cardinal Powell boys.
He said Ambassador Kumar wrote it like a an amused, astute and fuddled participant.
Friend Unferth, fuddled with beer you've been babbling away about Breca's deeds [.
Only a fuddled Tory could come up with such a tme proposal.
I was so tired and fuddled, I'm fairly sure the camera was in the freezer next to the hairdryer and the house keys.
Last year, 525,000 cancer patients got treatment at PAEC Cancer Hospitals are there is a trend of an annual increase of around 15 percent in patients turnout so the administration of these hospitals is fuddled to meet the financial requirements and agonized to operate to fight with this alarming increase of cancer patients in the country.
A DAWDLING and sprawling department of transport talking shop over Liverpool's ocean cruising ambitions - and which reports next Thursday (September 15) - should not be fuddled by whether historic state aid for the present stop-over berth, would amount to funding a big business expansion to a full start-finish cruise terminal.
40) because whenever she thinks of home, she remembers "a wooden box shaken by passing trains"; whenever she thinks of marriage and children, she remembers "her father coming home red-eyed and fuddled .
This reader got fuddled by chunks of the tale that appear in contrived flashbacks as Dara and Xavier watch their own rough-cut footage and tell each other the events they've just lived through.