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The critical preambles were combined with the following five verbs: (1) zich bedrinken 'to fuddle oneself,' (2) zich misdragen 'to misbehave,' (3) zich schamen 'to feel ashamed,' (4) zich vergissen 'to make a mistake,' and (5) zich verspreken 'to make a slip of the tongue.
This naivety prevents an understanding of how people can contemplate martyrdom, and Western multiculturalists fuddle about for rational, "secular" explanations for the phenomenon, offering simplistic platitudes, like "poverty causes terrorism".
Probably Mark Twain said it best: ``There is nothing in the world like a persuasive speech (or letter) to fuddle the mental apparatus (or the NRA).
The principals are outstanding, full of confidence and vitality, with Daniel Clarke, the wizard Fuddle, worthy of particular note.
At times, the profession must appear to outsiders to be a gigantic fuddle factory without a core.
At times she confused which day was which or relatives' ages and complained that her mind was "all a fuddle.
13 Who played the imbecile Guy Fuddle in the Jennifer Saunders comedy Happy Families?
Fuddle settle down in his easy chair and pick up his book.
17 In which 1985 sitcom did Jennifer Saunders play grandmother Edith Fuddle and all four of her grandchildren, Joyce, Cassie, Roxanne and Madelaine?
Ilan Berman's careful analysis and shrewd policy prescriptions are a welcome antidote to the fuddle that our Iran policy has become: Engage the great Iranian people, not its thugocratic theocracy.
see IV, go under <Gmc (phrase, but flounder) perfect synonym) fuddle Confuse.
Fuddle unfolded himself from his chair and peered around.
18 Which comedienne starred in the Ben Elton sitcom Happy Families playing various members of the Fuddle family?
Whether this 108-minute film now exists as a muddle in a fuddle or a fuddle in a muddle, Cassandra's Dream is a nautical nightmare which can only befuddle.