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any member of the genus Fucus

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As a decline of the occurrence and abundance of Fucus vesiculosus and charophytes has been reported in several areas in the Baltic Sea, usually connected with the worsened water quality conditions (Yousef et al.
Dwi'n sylwi mai Fucus palmatus sydd yng Ngeiriadur y Brifysgol hefyd am delysg.
The body scrub, a course mixture of Dead Sea salt, Fucus Serratus seaweed oil and VOYA Luscious Salt, was gently rubbed over my body, starting with the legs, and my skin buzzed with invigoration.
Among the most active are the laminaria, fucus, dictyopteris, ascophyllum, undaria (wakame), macrocystis (Pacific bullwhip kelp), and sargassum seaweeds.
Use of an environmental specimen bank for evaluating the impact of the Prestige oil spill on the levels of trace elements in two species of Fucus on the coast of Galicia (NW Spain).
These forests structure an essential habitat for numerous marine species, and are equivalent to the temperate Fucus Linnaeus, Cystoseira C.
The amylase activity of Chactomorpha spp, Cladophora fascicularis and Dictyota bartayresiana formed a cluster which shown the similar activities whereas Fucus spp, Scinaria farcellata and Porphyra spp formed another cluster (Fig.
Patil issues some well-aimed pleas to his colleagues in these fields, which include a call to take Sanskrit philosophy and Sanskrit intellectuals seriously as thinkers and not merely as elements in a context to be studied fur its value in making sense of contemporary South Asia, a call to overcome the disinterest in philosophy that is expressed in contemporary South Asian studies and religious studies, a call to overcome the disinterest in Indian philosophy that is too often dominant in Euro-American philosophy departments, and a call to philosophy of religion to question its undue fucus on issues deriving from Christian texts and traditions.
The formulation contained Maritech[R] seaweed extract Fucus vesiculosis (85% w/w), Macrocystis pyrifera (10% w/w) and Laminaria japonica (5% w/w) plus vitamin B6, zinc and manganese.
It has Fucus Seaweed, Witch Hazel, Horse Chestnut, Ginkgo Biloba, Rosemary Essential Oil and Menthol and cools legs that feel hot and bothered.
6% glucoraphane; HealSea fucus extract standardized to phlorotannins; Phytonutriance acerola extract standardized to 17% vitamin C; various high-antioxidant fruit and vegetable powders, including organic black currant; organic blueberry; organic artichoke; organic carrot; organic cranberry; organic acerola; organic purple carrot
Fucus vesiculosus as an indicator of wash effects of ships' traffic.
9) Examples of particularly valuable types of seaweed used in oral supplements include Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus), Fucose or Fucus vesiculosis (Bladderwrack), species of Laminaria, (especially Laminaria japonica), Sargassum muticum (Hondawara, Japan, and Limu-Lala, Hawaii), and Undaria pinnatifida (Wakame).
The Slim Form Patch contains extracts of bladder wrack or Fucus vesiculosus.