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Synonyms for fucoid

a fossilized cast or impression of algae of the order Fucales

any of various algae of the family Fucaceae

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Growth and gonad production of Strongylocentrotus nudus, which is commercially harvested in northern Japan, are greatest in kelp beds, followed by fucoid beds and small perennial algal turf beds such as those formed by the red alga Chondrus ocellatus, and least in crustose coralline-dominated "barren" beds (Agatsuma 1997, Sano et al.
The growth and gonad production of Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus, which is commercially harvested in western Japan, were greatest in fucoid beds, lower in beds dominated by the small red algae Acrosorium polyneurum and Chondrus spp.
The intertidal zone is characterized by luxuriant canopies of fucoid algae (Fucus vesiculosus, F.
By grazing ephemeral filamentous algae, periwinkles facilitate colonization of larger fleshy macroalgae, such as fucoids and Chondrus crispus (Lubchenco 1980, Lubchenco 1983, Scheibling et al.
Some of the complex sugars in seaweed are referred to as fucoids (glucans), which may stimulate immune function.