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Jesus, Dunne, you are one hell of a fuckup," he said.
Each painting requires four screens to render its image, and though sometimes the resulting quadrants are correctly aligned, in two works there is a deliberate fuckup, a misaligmnent leaving a sliver of white at the center of the image, or a gap through which one sees an earlier, differently colored layer of printing.
The everything is not some bank job you pulled that you didn't want to think about or some baby you slapped or some lover you betrayed, it's not so easy as that, though sometimes it seems these occurrences have something to do with it, and there is certainly plenty of work to do to correct the fuckups you have gotten yourself and others into during the lowdown time.
While the agencies of power fail miserably to protect the vulnerable and, indeed, welcome disaster as a tool for enriching themselves and asserting control over people's minds, usurping the individual's autonomy, this film's band of fuckups achieves a strange and deeply moving goofball heroism.
Reagan's monumental hard-on for nuclear power is just down the street from these real-life fuckups.
My friends' fathers did sensible things like join the National Guard but that wasn't good enough for the Tushniks: always grandiose schemes, unforeseen fuckups, never remorse for the wreckage.