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It was only recently that I saw that somebody does an FA Tumblr that's updated daily, throughout the day almost, and I was tripping the fuck out.
Fuck, it's gnarly because skateboarding is definitely a place that really celebrates that shit.
I can offer advice there, but these kids, man, they'll probably just tell me to fuck off.
The creative side of me said be bold with your prose, but I knew that in order to be taken seriously, the motion would have to cover all the legal bases to support the implicit argument that Fuck is an acceptable term--even when said to the school principal.
In order to provide a context for the alleged crime, we must first examine the history of Fuck and its evolution in society.
Although still offensive to some, Fuck is a more commonly used and accepted term in today's twenty-first century society than it was in the past.
In the world of performing arts, Fuck and its many variants are not limited to Hollywood and the big screen.
I've got a message for them: "Shut the fuck up you punk bitches.