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someone who engages in sexual intercourse

a stupid despised man

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We paid those incompetent fuckers to drop us in the middle of the ocean.
Ha ha I'm back all with South West Syndicate so make your call Slappin' high fives everywhere I go with my lyrical flow that I know, so--Our nation of residence is getting hesitant They can't do shit cos' they got no evidence 200 years of this bullshit us kooris have had enough So you better quit Got brothers like me behind bars and in the gutter Portraying us as stupid black fuckers The white man's plan is getting outta hand We're being hung up in your cells across the land Keep an eye on them drunks in the park Time for us to raise up outta the dark From Broome all the way to Redfern Brothers and sistas raise up it's your turn
Wise Use activist Ron Arnold, for instance, who in 1992 declared of environmentalists: "We're out to kill the fuckers.
The film, about a gay artist (David, played by Troy Ruptash) and an ostensibly straight married man (Matt, played by Vincent Corazza) who fall in love, is slated for a festival run this fall (tho ugh the Toronto International Film Festival rejected it-"those fuckers," as Fraser refers to them, with a laugh).
I just played the fuckers and played them and eventually, I got it," he says.
I used to imagine bringing weaponry to school and making the fuckers who made my life miserable beg for mercy.
The surveys vary greatly in style, from the distant European critical perspectives of Andre Hodeir and Max Harrison to the casual, conversational flow of Amiri Baraka's essay "Miles Davis: 'One of the Great Mother Fuckers.
Ship it today or cancel my order and I'll slam you fuckers on the Internet," he said.
Tillinger, he just told me that unless you let him stay he's gonna come right down there to your office with a gun and-- That's right, a gun, and in his words, `blast them insurance fuckers to smithereens.
Bourn's Lenny sits and muses on the shabby suburb of Leytonstone, "land of a thousand fuckers .
I'm glad her Romanian is poor because the things Hadrian and I say about the poor fuckers we interview would shock her.
Some of these fuckers don't even know what it was like to walk into a goddamn bar where you could get busted for walking in.
And she--this average, hard-working, capable, kind-to-her-own-children, Jew-hating woman--looks at this and thinks, "Gott en himmel, I really don't like the stinking, plotless, leather-wearing, experimental writing, nose-ring wearing, PLOTLESS fuckers .
And the folks what lived there was this black and white couple (we're sitting on the log fence we mended last summer, and down the hill we see Bion come out from behind the Petting Barn and head towards the triple chair) and the people in town, they got pissed for one reason or another, so they burned the fuckers out.