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someone who engages in sexual intercourse

a stupid despised man

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He said to Stewart, "Pull out that fucking tractor you lazy fucker.
He was an old fucker himself, a man without a purpose, reading by the fire in his father's old house.
Yeah, stupid fucker died seven days short of his DEROS.
Tell that to the fucker, Larry Doyle, who got me into all this trouble in the first place, taught me how to crook cigarettes from the neighborhood stores.
Random words and phrases pop out: "Alaska," "everyone's a fucker," "The Jam," "masturbation," "boo hoo.
Sanctimonious fucker, she could hear herself saying.
Her co-hostess declares, "I am as much a fucker as a fuckee.
1989) and its notorious rap "Fuck That Police": "Ice Cube will swarm/ on any mother fucker in a blue uniform/ Just 'cause I'm from C.
I'll give you a fucking poem," says the woman in the Parador, "write about the fucker in America.
They can say that I'm a hick, crude bastard, brutal, perverted, pedophile, scoundrel, sadist, rustic, rude, fucker, skunk, grim, roughneck, devil, the anti-Christ, gay, son-of-a-bitch, pederast, insolent, churlish, vandal, wild.
You're a star fucker, star fucker, star fucker, so addicted to Wayne Gilchrest, the superhero, that the heavens have refused to yield their accustomed amount of rain
Fucker never had a chance after Nancy got hold of him.