fuck off

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His overt defiance of white authority also provided vicarious satisfaction for every repressed African American who wanted to tell white people to fuck off but couldn't afford to.
Motherfucker and because Fuck off came swimming out of us like fish from
The polar opposites are held together by "bashy vibes and a fuck off bassline," as Byron puts it.
The mixture of flippancy and historical gravitas recalled the artist's last Klagsbrun outing--which included an enlarged, inverted image of Mussolini and his mistress on the gallows, as well as obituaries of undead celebrities and cheeky store signs telling customers to FUCK OFF WE'RE CLOSED--though here the scales were tipped toward gravitas.
She was thirty-two when you were telling her to fuck off and leaving for months at a time.
Somewhere along the way he just got it that he's OK, and if you don't like it, fuck off.