fuck off

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Windows down: Fuck off, you who can't tell the mosquito from the
In the past, if an exhibition displayed offensive works without previous approval, the entire show was shut down, as was the case with Fuck Off.
Given the same set of circumstances, I probably would have told Nourbese Philip to fuck off.
When I turn on the television and I hear an actress say, This role is this or this role is that,' I just say, Oh, go fuck off.
The German translator of It's Me, Eddie distilled the ichor of that book and this one too as the single English obscenity which served in the title of the German edition: Fuck Off, Amerika.
And I started kicking him really, really hard, screaming, telling him to get the fuck off of me.
As Agnes Martin realized, it is not always necessary to use a knife, a gun, a dick, or a dildo to tell the art world to FUCK OFF.
April can fuck off like her cousins the wind and Disney.
Motherfucker and because Fuck off came swimming out of us like fish from
The polar opposites are held together by "bashy vibes and a fuck off bassline," as Byron puts it.
The writers haven't told the studios to fuck off and march away from the bargaining table.
The staff's pompous communique urging Gottlieb to fuck off made me wish New-house had gone whole hog and hired Larry Flint.