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Well, Pudge goes, he probably fucking walked into the fucking water, got flicking wet with his flicking head all dinged up thought the best flicking thing to do was get the fuck out of his wet pants.
or the potential of fuck, remains the most strange - a new take on a very old world.
She was thirty-two when you were telling her to fuck off and leaving for months at a time.
It's not a front to anybody, and it's not a fuck you to anybody.
As bare and blunt as its title, Baise-moi (literally, Fuck Me, though known as Rape Me) explores the lower depths of the comparatively safe, bourgeois terrain of Romance; both films use actual porn stars--director Trinh Thi among them--and feature real penetration and "money shots" for an extra frisson of erotic authenticity.
How the fuck, the union essentially asked, do you expect us to organize without abusive and threatening language?
Reading the line in Junior Reid's interview about "Babylon doctors" made me crack the fuck up.
Fuck, 1966, features a hoard of repugnant, ravenous missiles each branded with a corporate-looking F.
This fuck rolls deep, and I'm going to back him 'til I'm 6-fucking-feet under; and I know a lot of motherfuckers are waiting for that day.
Here are these two happily married guys kissing at the gay awards and letting it be photographed because their attitude is, `If people don't understand, fuck `em.
I don't know what the fuck I was doing in Portland.
We went to Kingston University because we thought of it as a place without a reputation--something interesting to fuck with.