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a primary subtractive color for light

a battle in 1859 in which the French and Sardinian forces under Napoleon III defeated the Austrians under Francis Joseph I

of deep purplish red

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Transverse and longitudinal sections of roots and leaves were obtained freehand, with a razor blade, stained with double staining, astra blue and basic fuchsin (Roeser, 1962), and mounted on semipermanent histological slides.
Basic fuchsin has been used as a cytoplasmic stain to visualize the shape and size of the cells around siliceous particles.
The RNTCP recommend 1% Carbol Fuchsin (CF) as primary staining reagent, 25% sulphuric acid ([H.
After dewaxing and gradient ethanol hydration, kidney sections (3 [micro]m) were stained with Weigert's hematoxylin solution for 10 min, rinsed in distilled water for 5 min, stained with Masson ponceau acid fuchsin solution for 10 min, rinsed in distilled water for 2 min, placed in 1% phosphomolybdic acid solution for 5 min, and immersed in aniline blue solution for 5 min.
Aerospray stainers are dual-purpose staining and cell preparation systems for staining hematology smears with water-based or methanol-based stains, or TB smears with carbol fuchsin or fluorescence stains.
Specimens were relaxed in water, the phallic complex dissected out and macerated in cold 8% NaOH solution, neutralised in dilute acetic acid, stained in acid fuchsin and stored in glycerin.
In this context, the current study evaluates the potential of the partially purified gourd peel peroxidase in decolorization of triarylmethane class dyes; fuchsin acid and crystal violet.
Demonstration of collagen and elastic fibres was done by using Van Gieson's stain (Mallory, 1961) and Gomori's Aldehyde Fuchsin method (Gomori, 1946) respectively.
05% acid fuchsin and dissected, and the females of various stages (J3 to adult) were counted.
After 24 h of feeding activity, the immature soybean pods were taken out and immersed in an acid fuchsin solution (1g of fuchsin + 2 ml of alcohol + 300 mL of water) for 1 h to stain the stylet sheaths.
Astra blue and basic fuchsin double staining of plant material.
Heine technique of negative staining uses carbol fuchsin for staining the stool smear.