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any of various tropical shrubs widely cultivated for their showy drooping purplish or reddish or white flowers

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The best location I have seen for growing fuchsias is under a tall deciduous tree such as an ash, elm or sycamore where filtered light is available, or in the shadow of a big evergreen such as ficus or eucalyptus.
The plant sale is a fund-raiser for the Eugene Fuchsia & Begonia Society.
From that first interest in fuchsias, John and Jill were keen to learn more about these plants and after spotting an advertisement in the Evening Telegraph for a video by Fred Gowering which gave them a deeper insight into growing them, they also joined the Nuneaton Fuchsia and Sweet Pea Society, where they learned a lot from the experts there.
Remember there's a golden rule in gardening that plants like different situations, so if you've got a very shady place then it's fuchsias and busy lizzies, but if it's hot sun, then opt for geraniums.
With a little care fuchsias can easily be trained into a variety of shapes by pinching out the tips of the main stem and the side shoots that grow from them - a technique known as stopping.
Hardy fuchsias are undemanding plants and useful for permanent shrub borders or hedges growing as high as 6ft.
Fuchsias are one of the most popular and recognised plants, with their beguiling flowers earning them a nick name of ladies eardrops.
Ken Herbert, B&DFS president, said: "We just love growing fuchsias and hold shows in Cannon Hill Park.
FANTASTIC fuchsias will brighten up a North East museum when they go on display next month.
Linda is a national judge for the British Fuchsia Society and has been involved in growing Fuchsias for longer than she can remember, along with her husband Brian.
The youngsters judged to have grown the biggest and best fuchsias before the start of the summer holidays will be given prizes of photographs and books signed by Jonny Wilkinson.
AUGUST is traditionally the time to take cuttings of geraniums and fuchsias to overwinter in manageable-sized pots.
Pot up any earlier rooted cuttings and pot on any Fuchsias that have filled their pots with roots.
90, we will send you the Hardy Fuchsias, worth pounds 9.
She limits herself to just a few kinds of flowers, her proven performers: tuberous begonias, both hanging and upright; tree fuchsias and hanging baskets of fuchsias; impatiens (she crowds six dozen into one 24-inch-wide clay bowl); and geraniums (but only pelargoniums and those with variegated green and white foliage).