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a linear unit of length equal to 12 inches or a third of a yard

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Rents achieved range from PS6 to PS10 per sq ft and most have been less than 3,350 sq ft.
BY the end of June this year, 63 office deals had been transacted amounting to 216,094 sq ft.
Ed Gamble of CBRE, was feeling lucky with a prediction of 750,000 sq ft, while Gary Taylor, of Altitude, played it safe by setting the bar at 485,000 sq ft.
Gary Taylor, of Altitude, has fallen at the last hurdle with his guess of 485,000 sq ft.
Primary function: Airborne operations center Dimensions: Wingspan 195 ft.
Primary function: Fighter/attack Dimensions: Wingspan 43 ft.
Diamond drill hole SL25 was completed 3 months later and reached a total depth of 3088 ft.
The objective of the survey was to define targets deeper than the historical mine workings and drill testing of the C-Zone, which currently is approximately 300 ft.