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a unit of work equal to a force of one pound moving through a distance of one foot

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7-liter 32-valve V8 that produces 235 hp 4,800 rpm and 320 ft-lb of torque @ 3,400 rpm.
2 ft-lb per HP, low weight - a 205 HP engine under 100 pounds, 96% mechanical efficient and at least half the size of conventional engines and 35% to 40% greater fuel economy.
Intended to provide the cutting power of a boxway machine, this HMC features 1,655 ipm traverse rates, 60 hp, and an 8,000 rpm high-torque spindle that provides 737 ft-lb of torque to remove demanding material.
The machine offers 3,800 ft-lb of rotary torque, dual rack and pinion carriage drive, single multi-function joystick controls, state-of-the-art rod loading capabilities, hinged hoods that allow easy access to all routine service points, heated mud pump, a new LCD multifunction operational screen at the operating station, two-speed floating carriage, and 47-gpm onboard fluid pump.
So, put together, the system works like this: During acceleration, the electric motor kicks in (with a manual transmission, it provides 46 ft-lb of torque @ 1,000 rpm; with a CVT it's 36 ft-lb 1,000 rpm).
Now the product offering includes 65 different systems, varying in length from 10-45 ft and equipped with hydraulic-breaker capacities ranging from 550-10K ft-lb.
Forward torque adjusts up to 10 ft-lb and reverse torque is 20 ft-lb so tools don't stick.