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Devils, for example, "either force-feed human victims or actually cook them on spits, in frypans, or in cauldrons over a fire.
I rigged the hose so that it dripped into the frypans through tiny holes made with a nail and laid them out in a cage inside my pigeon coop--a cage within a cage, invisible from outside.
The electric frypans were plugged into a long extension cord that ran from the Riflebird's cage inside my pigeon coop, down the side of the house, in through the factory door, to a socket in a no-longer-locked brick storeroom.
Demonstrations aren't done as much as in breadmakers or frypans, because food always attracts people.
When it comes to merchandising cookware, retailers have two primary choices - they can merchandise their products by vendor or they can display similar products together, such as merchandising all their frypans in one section.