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cooking in fat or oil in a pan or griddle

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It was not, however, until he had drifted a great distance that he ventured to ply his oars, when he made his skiff dart like an arrow through the strait of Hell Gate, never heeding the danger of Pot, Frying Pan, nor Hog's Back itself, nor did he feel himself thoroughly secure until safely nestled in bed in the cockloft of the ancient farmhouse of the Suydams.
happened to lie uppermost, so I took it away to my own seat to occupy the time, while my unpretending bit of fish was frying.
Mirabel with a frying pan in his hand, and never have tasted the only good dish at our luncheon.
Uncle, I smell a frying sort of a smell," Rose said, pausing suddenly as she was putting away the remains of the lunch half an hour later.
He added charcoal and a fisherman's brazier, a coffee pot and frying pan, and the coffee and the meat, and a black bass fresh from the water that day.
The animal was not mere than fifty feet away, and instantly into the man's mind leaped the vision and the savor of a caribou steak sizzling and frying over a fire.
He washed and dried himself at the sink, while she heated the frying pan on the front hole of the stove with the lid off.
As she took the cover off a second frying pan and stirred the savory contents with a kitchen knife, he came behind her, passed his arms under her arm-pits with down-drooping hands upon her breasts, and bent his head over her shoulder till cheek touched cheek.
Frying oils are the most important common influence on fried product quality, therefore, the second section of this text looks in detail at frying oils; their composition; the factors affecting frying oil quality, and ways of measuring frying oil quality and authenticity.
It was the Jesuit missionaries, a Roman Catholic society formed in 1534, who introduced the practice of frying fish to the Japanese.
McCain food scientists have developed a new process that enables them to use flavors that would normally become "heat labeled" or destroyed at temperatures far lower than those used in frying.
And for years, nutritionists have extolled the health advantages of broiling instead of pan frying, since it allows much of the saturated fat to drip away before the meat ever reaches your lips.
Ventura makes LouAna, the #1 brand of peanut oil for turkey frying.
Vacuum frying has the potential to produce healthier snacks that offer improved taste and texture.
Under the terms of the agreement, Fry Guy will supply its self- ventilating, counter top deep frying units and SGT.