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flesh of a medium-sized young chicken suitable for frying

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But, shock horror, when I pulled them back into action outside the Beckbury Fryer, they had malfunctioned.
If you are cooking your bird in a turkey fryer this year, do it outside only and away from your home.
Previously a driver for Biffa Waste Services, Fryer decided to follow in his wife's footsteps when he saw the success she was enjoying as well as the flexibility around her home and business life that her new venture allowed her.
Fryer had travelled from Leeds to see his on-off girlfriend Ruth Allan in a surprise visit after she had ignored his calls and texts.
The radiant fryer does not require additional oil to finish the process, which means the food that it cooks could have 30-50% less oil than food fried the traditional way," Keener said.
HoMEownERS thinking of putting their house on the market are safe, for now, from Keith Fryer.
Click "next" to see which states made the top 10 and for tips from State Farm on how to prevent turkey fryer fires this Thanksgiving.
Firefighters extinguished the blaze and found the deep fat fryer completely destroyed.
Fryer's was established in 1912 by specialist rose grower Arthur Fryer.
The Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer also comes with a cooking basket that can not only hold the bird but can also hold french fries, doughnuts, dumplings, stuffed won-tons, tempera fish and vegetables, egg and spring rolls, onion rings and other foods that are at their best when they're deep fried.
Fryer was a member of an informal network of gay psychiatrists who quietly met at APA meetings, known unofficially as the "Gay-PA.
The team included Gretchen Wilcox, Joseph Smerdon, Albert Raymond, John Taylor, David Fryer and Deborah Nexon.
Cement worker Henry Schmerber bought a new propane fryer for the occasion and set it up inside the garage of the vacant house.
The memory of the pain involved with a grease burn after a countertop deep fryer had boiled over, and the realization that the turkey fryer held much more than a quart of oil made me take a step back and watch from a distance.
The woman had popped a small deep fat fryer on top of the grill at her home on Edward Street in Brighouse at 6pm yesterday.