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of or relating to or resembling a shrub

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Site Foliose Lichen/ Fruticose lichen Site 1 Station 1 -- Lake Tonga Feid M'Rad Station 2 Ain T'Bib Site 2 Lake Station 1 0.
The growth form of each lichen was determined: foliose (leaf-like), crustose (crust-like), fruticose (shrub-like) or squamulose (scale-like).
Fruticose (fru-ti-cose) lichens are stalked and grow best in humid places.
It is indeed well-developed and abundant and fruticose thallus is easily taking.
Thirty-four lichens are of the crustose growth form, 24 are foliose and 2 are fruticose.
In the present study, the effect of grazing refuges was clearly visible on some specimens of the fruticose Mesophyllum printzianum, where pockets of diatoms proliferated in the narrow gaps between protruberances or the sunken pore plates of conceptacles (Fig.
He estimates that well over 2000 species may exist, but he is only able to make generalizations for the species of foliose and fruticose macrolichens that have been studied.
Thus, evaluation must depend heavily on foliose and fruticose groups (macrolichens) for which recent taxonomic treatments have become available, in particular for the genera Anzia (Yoshimura, 1995), Baeomyces s.