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a truncated cone or pyramid

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It will display several functions that can be choose by the user, they either can enable or disable view frustum culling.
Before rendering start, view frustum culling will be used to cull any unneeded objects from the walkthrough system.
During the second test, the system will sever the first stage forward skirt extension from the first stage frustum.
Instead of a nose cone, the booster will connect to the upper stage with an attachment called a frustum.
The normal's-n of surfaces, along a parallel circle formed by regular points created a frustum of a cone.
The advantage of this valve consists in that did not change the paint colour, because of smooth mixture of paint's components into a special mixed room with core of rotated hyperboloid or frustum of a cone.
Log volumes were estimated with the frustum of cone formula for each log section where diameters were measured.
In the paper, there are shown the graphical outputs of chosen 3D objects, simple 3D object, frustum of a cone, figure 1.
Simple objects, which are drawn by new functions are: cube, block, prism, tetrahedral pyramid, n-gonal pyramid, frustum of pyramid, cylinder, sphere, cone, frustum of a cone.
The entire booster -- including nose cap, frustum, and forward and aft skirts -- is approximately 149 feet long.
A typical cone meter consists of a differential producer fixed concentrically in the center of the pressure retaining pipe by which a differential pressure can be obtained across the interface of two cone frustums via an internal port-way system.