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a truncated cone or pyramid

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The slump test method is a simple way of estimating the yield stress of the soil since the yield stress is expressed as a function of water content, height of cylindrical frustum, slump height and material density (Mendez-Sanchez, 2012).
The total volume of both frustum complexes was then calculated, and the percentage of the total buttress volume with respect to total above-soil tree volume was defined as the buttressing support ratio.
The full band data image is shown in Figure 8(d), which shows the target features including target base, joint of cylinder & frustum, joint of cone & cylinder and sphere tip.
The combustion chamber of this stove consist of two sections- fuel bed section which has a hollow cylindrical cross section and volatile combustion section which is a hollow conical frustum cross section.
Juvenile wood volume was calculated in a similar manner by using the frustum formula.
frustum, quasi gacho, de gajo, que es un ramillo del arbol, de donde se dijo desgajar y gajo de uvas, el que se corta del racimo grande.
Tantum igitur thesaurum, scilicet apud beati Iacobi et frustum Dominici sepulcri et quoddam os sancti Stephani ceterasque reliquias cum uase argenteo contulit predicto beati Iacobi episcopo.
Since the cup is a right frustum (a chopped-off cone), the volume contained does not scale linearly with height.
crushing of unconstrained free-free edges frustum cut and separated from the panel,
n] is the volume for a solid of revolution's frustum, of length L, and end cross sectional areas s at x = [x.
in the form of a frustum of a cone, substantially as herein described, whereby the force exerted by the weight of the load presses equally in all directions, and does not tend to change the form thereof, so that every part resists its equal proportion.
There two type culling suitable to be applied in crowd rendering: view frustum culling and occlusion culling.
The basic building block is a frustum of a hexagonal pyramid.
The spiral filament-7 from WTh is positioning between lids, has a emissive role that covered without contact the central core and it's rest at ends on a frustum of cone grooves-b, getting in the side surfaces-c of opposite lids, coaxial with central holes-a.