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Synonyms for frustration

Synonyms for frustration

the feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals


an act of hindering someone's plans or efforts

a feeling of annoyance at being hindered or criticized

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To assess the level of Frustrations among post-graduate students of Tripura University.
According to cg42, the study surveyed four components of brand vulnerability, including: frequency of customer frustrations; customer sharing behavior (disclosure of frustrations via word-of-mouth or on social media); the impact of frustrations on customer behavior, including spending; and the uniqueness of those frustrations to a particular hotel group and loyalty program.
I propose that we draw three lessons from the recognition of this asymmetry between the frustrations in experiential teaching and learning that might enrich the way we engage our students in the process of experiential learning.
I sometimes understand the frustration when we take a short corner and don't keep it or don't put it in.
Realize that most other athletic administrators experience the same or similar frustrations.
Rhythm and meter have now become second nature to them, as I had planned, and I don't believe even one remembers the early frustrations with counting.
Otherwise, you are just transmitting your frustrations, which serves no productive purpose.
Choreographer Christine Chrest knows the frustrations of freeway driving all too well.
Dincolo's biggest frustrations surface when she hits a brick wall with a choreographer and nothing seems to work.
Whether his prose is addressing obscure and mythologized bits and pieces of Melanesian history or the frustrations of hanging around the harbour in Honiara waiting for ships that never leave (and being lied to day after day after day by the captain), the prose flows without ever allowing the reader even to contemplate skipping a section or two.
Cullen said: ``Our frustrations are evident and obvious.
In a similar Tillinghast survey, life insurance CEOs identified the same frustrations, along with "resistant culture.
Margaret Beckett will end up drinking from the trough of the last chance saloon if she refuses to take notice of the frustrations expressed at today's march and ignores my 11th hour warning,'' Mr Parry added.
The add-on list of frustrations that follows covers some shopper irritations that are somewhat less widespread but still heavyweight in terms of numbers.
The cleaning process will save service members the frustrations of a failed inspection, along with commercial cleaning costs that vary from $80-$150 per vehicle, he said.