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Synonyms for frustration

Synonyms for frustration

the feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals


an act of hindering someone's plans or efforts

a feeling of annoyance at being hindered or criticized

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Soluto's goals - to solve the frustrations technology consumers face, and compel software developers to design responsibly, with the end user in mind - are both noble and promising," said Saul Klein, Partner at Index Ventures who will be joining Soluto's board of directors.
I have suggested that we ought to work to make sure our students understand that we are there to provide support for them when they encounter the frustrations of facing a world that no longer makes sense.
But frustration doesn't make you play any better, and the moans and groans don't help.
This may be a little extreme, but it does let us know that frustration is an unfortunate companion in our position.
If I were in his position I'd have come down and vented my frustration on the manager.
The frustration on their faces initiated my quest for some answers.
Not only might you actually come up with a practical approach to solving your problem, you will be perceived as one who does more than merely dump frustrations on others.
To vent her frustration at the callousness and aggression of drivers, she has created a new modern-dance work, ``405,'' that explores our daily rite of passage as part of the Praxis Project, a five-week dance workshop.
The emotional baggage accompanying criticism spills open as embarrassment, rage, shame, frustration, insecurity, shut-down, despair, revenge, of a retreat to the exit sign.
Frustrations with objectives notwithstanding, the writing is admirably lucid and readable and it pulls the reader along with remarkable energy, although one never quite knows exactly where the author will go next .
I'mproud of the effort, but it only adds to the frustration at not finishing off St Helens when we had the chance.
In a similar Tillinghast survey, life insurance CEOs identified the same frustrations, along with "resistant culture.
Margaret Beckett will end up drinking from the trough of the last chance saloon if she refuses to take notice of the frustrations expressed at today's march and ignores my 11th hour warning,'' Mr Parry added.
The add-on list of frustrations that follows covers some shopper irritations that are somewhat less widespread but still heavyweight in terms of numbers.
The cleaning process will save service members the frustrations of a failed inspection, along with commercial cleaning costs that vary from $80-$150 per vehicle, he said.