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Synonyms for frustrating

discouraging by hindering

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preventing realization or attainment of a desire

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It was frustrating, but actually if you break the day down and the session down, it was 90 for four that session.
Many frustrating patients have no discernible physical explanations for their medical complaints, notes psychiatrist Don R.
In fact, just two in 10 Americans (22%) say that cost issues, specifically gas prices (18%), are the most frustrating aspects of traveling.
Gateshead dominated the second period - although Hobson did hit the post - and the hosts created numerous chances but looked on course for a frustrating afternoon until a penalty on 67 minutes.
Waiting for a computer to boot up was revealed as the most frustrating digital stress by nearly one in three people.
It was frustrating at times because the game seemed to pass me by.
That's why it's frustrating not to have had a chance yet with England.
Corry said: "We set our stall out to get nine points from our first two games - and we are walking away with six and that is frustrating.
Finding out who does what in delivering health and social services to the 45 communities in the Timmins, Cochrane and Timiskaming region can be a frustrating and time-consuming process.
When asked an open ended question about the most frustrating aspect of travel in the last couple of months, one in three (31%) cited gas prices, while others report being most frustrated by issues related to traffic (18%), delays/timing (6%), airport/airline (6%) and security (4%).
MANAGER Ronnie Moore was left to explain the frustrating side of Jennison Myrie-Williams' raw, unpredictable talent after Tranmere's 1-1 draw with Leyton Orient.
It's frustrating for the girls to work that hard and play that well and not get the result.
Year-over-year there's been nearly a 50% increase in consumers who report that a frustrating online experience would make them less likely to shop at that retailer's physical store
He said: "It's been so long and it's been frustrating watching from the sidelines.
Giggs said: "It's been a frustrating season for me.