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Racing frustrates me when your horse gets beaten having had a desperately unlucky run.
The modern political field is one that frustrates people of any political belief.
They have done that through hard work and good football, so all it was last night was one of those games that frustrates us all.
Carmody spent 18 years at Princeton - 16 as an assistant to Pete Carril and the past two as the head coach - and the Wildcats (4-4) use the same principles: A patient, spread-out, flowing offense that frustrates opponents as much as it lulls them to sleep.
The broad generalizations about the human condition and spiritual needs that almost inevitably follow detailed readings further undermine a book that does not deliver what it promises and frustrates while delivering what it has.
Hoagland ordered the retaliation five days before his paper ran a story headlined: "Lack of Bomb Evidence Frustrates FBI Probers.
The heart of Volkman's story, however, deals with the misadventures of "Bobby," who frustrates even his own family with his ineptness.
Jordan said the 9-80 plan frustrates many residents.