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Synonyms for frumpy


Synonyms for frumpy

primly out of date

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The statement print was a bold choice but bordered on fussy and frumpy.
Frumpy Flakes provides BBW fashion apparel that people of all sizes can enjoy.
After losing five stone I felt fantastic on the day in August and even wore a bikini on my honeymoon, but the best thing is that I finally feel normal - not fat or frumpy.
I don't care if they did have designer names attached, they were all frumpy and old-fashioned.
Functionality with style Nursing tops don't have to be frumpy.
Score out of 10: 8 Where: Mint Velvet at John Lewis Cost: pounds 149 Verdict: I'm the first to admit I do like the odd feather but this dress just made me feel frumpy and old.
Viera asked the president, after discussing the health bill and other state policy issues, whether he wanted to defend the jeans he wore to throw out the first pitch at the All-Star game last week, Obama laughed and admitted he was "a little frumpy.
She's done some acting here and there, but in "Irina Palm" she makes another startling transformation, this time into a frumpy English matron.
Our house looks like some frumpy professor lives there, but it got dressed up for the movie," admits Glatzer.
Courden might wonder what a frumpy, overweight housewife played by a man has in common with her sexy, savvy career girls.
She appeared less than happy as she strolled around the windswept event - where she was dressed in a dowdy mac and frumpy shoes.
Lucy is attracted to Theo from the start, but figures someone as frumpy as her has no chance.
I'm sending my flowers to Kerry, that frumpy matron of the Senate, who strangely, makes the anti-Bush crowd mad with lust.
The uniform was being introduced to go with the stores' image revamp, after the old navy and green shirts were deemed too frumpy.
Major changes have been ongoing since last September and the frumpy matron is scheduled for a colour makeover this June.