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a dull unattractive unpleasant girl or woman

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Only last week, the big fashion story in the press was that the frump look is the pinnacle of panache and Wendy Craig, the princess of Valium vogue, is the new role model.
Nicolas Ghesquiere, head designer at Balenciaga, and the man primarily responsible for getting the resurrected frump look, cites his mother's wardrobe during the 70s as his inspiration.
The Justice Minister is determined to weed out old frumps who bring ridicule on the legal profession.
Leading lights such as Louise Kennedy have transformed President Mary McAleese and her predecessor Mary Robinson from frumps to fashion leaders, while superstars such as Enya have cultivated a flowing, unstructured look favoured by our younger designers in recent years.
WHY is it always fat old frumps who are the bane of my life?
TV BEAUTIES Sophie Allisstone and Vicky Brattle have revealed how two gym Samaritans changed them from frumps into stunners.
Mary believes she has spotted a gap in the high street for a retailer catering to sexy, stylish fortysomething women who currently face a choice between dressing like middle-aged frumps or overgrown teenagers.
She aims to produce clothes for sexy, stylish 40-something women who currently face a choice between dressing like middle-aged frumps or overgrown teenagers.
Since then, Gok Wan has become a TV institution and made over an endless succession of frumps and odd-balls, and he's not slowing up on his quest to make us all look better.
Her return will meet huzzas/From housewives and from frumps.
Kirsty and Claire are unrecognisable from the frumps who hid their bulges in unflattering baggy clothing and used to dread shopping.
Cruelly telling them they're style-free frumps works a treat.
If they stay at home, they are seen as asexual frumps in the Anne Widdecombe mould, with the figure and dress sense of a bean bag.