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a dull unattractive unpleasant girl or woman

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I didn't want to get into that frumpiness of being a mum and letting everything go.
In all these papers Muscatine demonstrates, with apparent effortlessness, that he has an ear for the best examples and an eye both for stylistic delicacy and stylistic frumpiness.
For more details we talked to numerous makeover experts, asking them for their best-kept secrets as well as those tell-tale signs of fashion frumpiness.
No need to look like a cowed dowager in widow's weeds and Hinge and Bracket frumpiness and any fancy for the Scarlet O'Hara look, all bulging bodice and galleon-sail skirts, should be treated with HRT until the slimline, unadorned and elegant look comes sharply into focus.
Having resolved their various personal issues (food and frumpiness for Midler, drink for Hawn, wimpiness for Keaton), driven away their husbands"'Pop-Tarts" and extracted fair recompense for their years of childraising, household management, career-boosting and ego-massage, the trio renounce vengeance in favor of good works and open a "women's crisis center.
KACEY Ainsworth threw off EastEnder frumpiness and looked good enough to eat in this strapless mint green dress.
It is the store's association with frumpiness and, crucially, plummeting sales figures, which has prompted the company to come up with something a little more sassy.
And as resentful old friends gloat over shallow little miss perfect's comeuppance, she sinks int o bathrobe frumpiness as puppydog doting former classmate Justin (a woefully inadequate Harry Connick Jr) attempts to woo some sunshine and selespect back into her life.
ANN Widdecombe has already had the hair done in an attempt to lose some frumpiness and now she has admitted she is on a diet.
FERGIE, BEATRICE & EUGENIE To avoid press criticism of her frumpiness, Fergie tried to distract the paps by causing blindness in all those who looked at her kids' dresses.