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Synonyms for frumpily

in a dowdy unfashionable manner

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Being an ethical consumer no longer means you have to dress frumpily, and the homewares market is catching up fast," says Danielle Proud of The Times' Style magazine.
On the other side of the issue stand a knot of women, young but frumpily dressed, brusque, and strident in tone.
Frumpily dressed almost the entire time in a woolen hat, leather jacket and black skirt and tights, and without a trace of visible make-up, Hummer dominates the picture as the impulsive, driven Anke.
Even though frightfully frumpily dressed, she is never dull to watch.
She started wearing floral print dresses that would have sat downright frumpily on almost anyone else.
At first, some come frumpily dressed, with their heads down.