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Synonyms for frumpily

in a dowdy unfashionable manner

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Being an ethical consumer no longer means you have to dress frumpily, and the homewares market is catching up fast," says Danielle Proud of The Times' Style magazine.
On the other side of the issue stand a knot of women, young but frumpily dressed, brusque, and strident in tone.
Even though frightfully frumpily dressed, she is never dull to watch.
She started wearing floral print dresses that would have sat downright frumpily on almost anyone else.
At first, some come frumpily dressed, with their heads down.
Fiftysomething spinster Kate (Meryl Streep is a frumpily moralistic teacher facing redundancy, life-embracing Maggie (Kathy Burke) plays housekeeper, quiet, solid Agnes (Brid Brennan, reprising her stage role) knits gloves to bring in a few pennies, back ward Rose (Sophie Thompson) is being courted by a married man, and unassertive Christina (Catherine McCormack), the youngest, is the local scandal, having had a lovechild, Michael, by Welsh travelling salesman Gerry (Rhys Ifans).