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a dull unattractive unpleasant girl or woman

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The model accounts for almost a third of company's sales in India, Frump said.
Urie recently starred in the celebrated off-Broadway revivals of ''Angels in America'' and ''The Cherry Orchard'' and also ''How to Succeed in Business,'' appropriately taking over the role of Bud Frump from Hanke.
But she's worried she's becoming a bit of a frump and although she's desperate for her and Alex to have a baby, she knows it won't do anything for her looks.
My stomach sticks out like a bump, I really am a gruesome frump, My bum looks pretty much the same, O what a loathsome looking dame
FORMULA One beauty Lee McKenzie has confessed she feels like the frump of the pitlane.
Mention the name Susan Boyle and most people will look at you blankly but talk about the middle-aged frump with the voice of an angel on TV's Britain Got Talent and everyone knows who you're talking about.
Frump, a maritime journalist, tells the story of how Webber and his men won the rarely bestowed Coast Guard Gold Medal for Valor in this narrative of a dramatic sea rescue.
The Legend of the Lost Jewels (A Hazel Frump Adventure) written by Jennifer Lanthier HarperCollins Canada, 2008 978-000639-161-6 (pb) $14.
Frump came to Deep Rock in March last year, when he was recruited by the equity partners to turn the company around.
After hearing the grisly story of Mozambican refugees attacked by lions on their escape route through the Kruger National Park, Frump, a journalist, duplicated the refugees' journey to understand how such horrors could happen in a place known as "Eden.
Frump who is trying to find good homes for the holiday for her gaggle of rowdy kids.
Journalist Robert Frump journeyed to the region in 2002 in search of their story and found a complex social and political mileau instead of the simple tale he had anticipated.
Her American debut was marked in the New York Post with the headline Queen Camilla Is New York's Frump Tower while one article branded her a "fashion disaster".
Serpentine chief curator Rochelle Steiner's Cindy Sherman overview focuses on staged portraiture, which allows the artist to hide in plain sight as a shape-shifting Everywoman: starlet, frump, Madonna, ogre, aging trophy wife.
Or we turn on the TV and find Maury or Sally busily making over some woman who looks too much like a frump or a tramp.