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wood of various fruit trees (as apple or cherry or pear) used especially in cabinetwork

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Cuisine at the Mountain Valley restaurant is built around "Brew B-Q," using a Bar-B-Q pit that is fueled by an assortment of fruitwoods and the addition of Mountain Valley's own beer.
Fruitwoods and cedar give you the bonus of a pleasant fragrance.
Producers of surfacing materials also said dark woods like wenge are still popular, as are exotic looks, such as rosewood and zebrano--mixed with warm fruitwoods, like pear, apple, plum and cherry.
These are usually seen in brass but can be found in ivory or fruitwoods.
Local furniture makers and joiners always used the native timbers available to them like ash, elm, beech, alder, yew and fruitwoods, reserving the use of other timbers for finer items of furniture.
The small timber sizes of fruitwoods have made them popular for use also as inlays and for marquetry de signs.
Apple, fruitwood, European crab apple, European crab, crab apple
The houses in the 18th Century and earlier were initially constructed of oak, but as time went on and more were produced the cabinet makers resorted to cheaper materials and timbers such as pine, fruitwoods, papier mache, tortoiseshell, glass, paper, card and wax.
American black cherry, at 90 feet, is the tallest of all the cherry trees and fruitwoods.
Refectory tables are most commonly seen in native woods such as oak, but can also be seen in yew, walnut or various fruitwoods.
Among the fruitwoods, olive enjoys the reputation as being the oldest living tree.