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a diminutive fruit, especially one that is part of a multiple fruit

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Another solution to biennial bearing is that after the June dropwhich usually happens in July, when fruitlets fall from the trees), you should thin the fruits, removing at least half including the crowded, diseased and deformed and leaving only the best.
In the first year, the numbers of fruitlets per branch in the first observation date (03 June) subsequent to the initial fruit set were counted as 132.
Thin bunches of grapes on vines by removing small, diseased or imperfect fruitlets along with any grapes which are causing overcrowding.
While Bramley growers are still waiting to judge the effect of the June drop, when orchards naturally thin themselves of fruitlets, there are already strong indications that the crop will be far larger than last year.
Look For: Bright yellow-orange color, fragrant pineapple aroma, and a very slight separation of the eyes (the berry-like fruitlets that run in a spiral pattern on the skin).
This happens naturally as well - but if you want bigger fruit, remove some of the smaller fruitlets.
Typical signs of damage is 'running off' when flowers and fruitlets drop off black currants, strawberries suffer from 'black eye' and fruits are misshapen.
Remove mini fig fruitlets to allow more fruits to form so there are plenty ready for ripening at the end of 2013.
ALTHOUGH the warm start to the year initially raised hopes of a good harvest, frosts in April and cold rainy weather in May and June reduced pollination and led to losses of remaining fruitlets.
Flowers and Fruitlets are susceptible to killing injury during radiation frosts, when temperatures are -2[degrees]c or colder [32].
Remove small fruitlets from fig trees to allow more to form which will be at a more suitable stage of development to overwinter and ripen next year.
Pale green winter moth caterpillars also invade deciduous trees, fruit trees and roses, damaging blossom and fruitlets.
8Thin out overcrowded fruit tree fruitlets but don't rush to start spur pruning yet.
Children tend to get a lot of fun out of them as they can see the fruit buds grow to fruitlets and mature to full-sized apples.
The English industry has already had to revise initial Cox estimates downward from 42,300 tonnes to 35,000 tonnes because of the heavy June drop --the natural process when young fruitlets thin out.