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a diminutive fruit, especially one that is part of a multiple fruit

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Delay of early fruitlet abscision by Branco girdling in Citrus coincides with previous increases in carbohydrate and gibberelin concentrations.
Ensure fruit trees and bushes have enough water while fruit is setting or fruitlets are often shed.
A typical example of damage is "running off" - when flowers and fruitlets drop off black currants; black eye in strawberries, and generally malformed fruit.
This is usually simply the tree's natural thinning process and, provided there are still plenty of fruitlets on the tree, this drop is nothing to worry about.
Take off any small fruitlets that are developing on figs to allow more to form.
To some extent the tree does this naturally when it sheds some of its fruitlets in June, the so-called 'June drop.
Gather up all fallen fruitlets regularly and remove any more infested fruitlets before they fall.
REMOVE small fruitlets on figs to allow more fruit to form that will be at a more suitable stage of development to ripen and overwinter next year.
REMOVE mini fig fruitlets to allow more fruits to form so that there are plenty that will be ready for ripening towards the end of next year.
REMOVE mini-fig fruitlets to allow more fruits to form.
In the second year, the numbers of fruitlets per branch in the first observation date (03 June) subsequent to the initial fruit set were determined as 70.
MAKE sure fruit trees and bushes have enough water while the fruit is setting, or fruitlets are often shed.
Thin bunches of grapes on vines by removing small, diseased or imperfect fruitlets along with any grapes which are causing overcrowding.
While Bramley growers are still waiting to judge the effect of the June drop, when orchards naturally thin themselves of fruitlets, there are already strong indications that the crop will be far larger than last year.
Look For: Bright yellow-orange color, fragrant pineapple aroma, and a very slight separation of the eyes (the berry-like fruitlets that run in a spiral pattern on the skin).