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Synonyms for fruitlessness

the condition or quality of being useless or ineffective

Synonyms for fruitlessness

a lack of creative imagination

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the quality of yielding nothing of value

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that Christian heretics suffered an aggravated form of the fruitlessness that afflicted Jews, namely the ability to destroy the fruit of others.
But as the negotiations began to show their age and their fruitlessness became more apparent, so did the frustration of the people.
That many civilians have since perished demonstrates the fruitlessness of Israel's post-war attempt to put the proverbial cat back in the bag.
8) This provokes, in book 1 of the work, a long lecture from Langius on the fruitlessness of flight, for the civil war that Lipsius seeks to flee is in his mind.
Juxtaposing "peace out of reach" alongside "the search for reconciliation" brings to mind the fruitlessness of the search, or at least the very long odds for the search to achieve its goal.
Stalk's many years as a strategy consultant at BCG have taught the fruitlessness of elegant strategies that are not understood, owned, and acted out in the behaviors of leaders.
The Kurds in northern Iraq already enjoyed a certain amount of autonomy under Saddam's Sunni/Ba'thist dictatorship, an autonomy which increased controversially after his overthrow, and led the PKK into believing that with continued attacks against Turkish forces, they will succeed in their claims for an autonomous region - their demands for an independent region having been watered-down in view of a greater realisation of the fruitlessness of their demands.
At least the contents did not disappoint in this season of missed opportunities and yellow fruitlessness.
Still, this restless chapter in the comic-book franchise uses the fruitlessness of vengeance as its theme.
Women threaten men, for they represent a break in the continuity of what men have said, what men have tried to remember--and the fruitlessness of their efforts.
This advocacy view fails to comprehend the fruitlessness of drawing a workable dividing line for the argument over the meaning of "major modification.
I am reminded, though, of the fruitlessness of not thinking outside the box.
She addresses not only their extraordinary burdens, but a full wallet of other imposing challenges and disappointments, including the fruitlessness of union activity in the canneries, the exploitation of Mexican-Americans farm workers in the bracero program, and the decline of blue-collar employment in high-technology industry.
The lawmakers also said the DPJ decided to return to the Diet after seeing the fruitlessness of its boycott strategy and because the LDP-led ruling coalition was adamant that it can continue deliberations on key issues, including high-profile pension system reforms, even in the absence of the DPJ and the SDP.
For Buckingham, the mirrored glass refers back to the original cafe window, where the final fruitlessness of the pursuit reflects back on the pursuer and becomes a blank in which he sees himself.