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There first she landed from the fruitless upper air: and glad were the goddesses to see each other and cheered in heart.
Sir Patrick tried hard to catch the infection of gayety from his young friends; but, to his own surprise, not less than to theirs, the effort proved fruitless.
It happened that the famous Commission of the 2nd of June had set on foot an inquiry into the irrigation of lands in the Zaraisky province, which fell under Alexey Alexandrovitch's department, and was a glaring example of fruitless expenditure and paper reforms.
After many fruitless attempts to gain admittance to the prison, he found a strongly grated window in an unguarded part of the building, which lighted the dungeon of the unfortunate Muhammadan, who, loaded with chains, waited in despair the execution of the barbarous sentence.
I was making the angle necessary to intersect the line of your uncle's march, after my fruitless search, when I heard sounds like the explosion produced by fire arms--"
said Ellen, turning away from her fruitless examination, with a sudden lighting of her sprightly blue eyes, that showed she knew how to play with the foible of her learned companion.
Minister of Communications Ms Faith Muthambi welcomes the progress made by entities reporting to the Ministry of Communications to curb fruitless and wasteful expenditure for the period of 2014/15.
Summary: Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai said Monday that work to advance a draft law seeking to allow Lebanese abroad to vote has been a fruitless endeavor.
He said diplomacy must be encouraged so that listening and dialogue replace "mutual recriminations, fruitless criticisms and displays of force".
As investigators followed fruitless leads, the killer struck again in devastatingly brutal fashion.
VIOLENT protest is destructive and fruitless, a senior clergyman told a special World Police and Fire Games service for fallen security force members.
CDATA[ Since 1967 Israel gave away Sinai, Gaza, much of the 'West Bank', the Temple Mount, recognized the establishment of a state, fought many wars and endured continuing terrorist attacks, signed a number of meaningless agreements, all fruitless.
The head of the DPO and the head of the holding company for pharmaceuticals held a fruitless meeting to try to resolve the issue.
IT AMAZES me that the Prime Minister has agreed to the McCanns' request for over pounds 1m on what will be a fruitless search for their daughter.
But it would be a fruitless exercise if "influential businessmen" were allowed to keep sending their poorly-paid expatriate fishermen out 24 hours to grab whatever they can, regardless of whether the fish stocks have reached maturity and breeding age.