fruiting body

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an organ specialized for producing spores

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Some of the isolates tested are wild types obtained from fruiting body tissue on wood by the first author.
Mushroom is a macrofungus with a distinctive fruiting body, which can either be epigeous or hypogeous and large enough to be seen with naked eye and to be picked by hand [3].
The most massive fruiting body of any fungus yet documented has been discovered growing on the underside of a tree in China.
This ascomycete produces thin, brilliant orange ascocarps (the fruiting body of the fungus) that resemble orange peels that stand out in the drab colors of autumn and give the fungus its name.
Each fruiting body included cells from both clones, but some clones contributed disproportionately to the spore body.
Truffles are the fruiting body of a particular group of fungi.
Immuno-potentiating effects of the antler-shaped fruiting body of Ganoderma lucidum (Rokkaku-Reishi).
Cordyceps militaris, like Cordyceps sinensis, belongs to Ascomycetes and they parasitize insects at the larval stage and gradually grow into fruiting body expanded outside the insect larvae or pupae (Buenz et al.
The spores are produced in powder form on top of the fruiting body (of the mushroom).
The fungus mycelium develops on the surface of the infested timber and usually takes the form of a mushroom-like fruiting body with a cotton wool texture.
Most fungi reproduce asexually, meaning the spores they release from the fruiting body (the part we see) are all alike.
Cyclooxygenase inhibitory and antioxidant compounds from the fruiting body of an edible mushroom, Agrocybe aegerita.
Many growers rely on asexual truffle propagation, in which two haploid cells from a single fungus - each with one copy of the genome - fuse to form the diploid fruiting body (the truffle), which has two copies.