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I like it, it's a classic easy-drinking pale ale, a nice level of fruitiness and hops," said Gregg Glaser.
Sensory panels define the attributes of olive varieties and rate them according to the intensity of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency, but also provide an in-depth evaluation of fruit flavor characteristics.
For this reason, even if Novello wines have common characteristics of freshness and fruitiness, each one also has a distinct personality, representing its region of origin.
Doesn't shout its green apple/melon fruitiness, but keeps it in check in a less is more way.
The taste is smooth and rich with a blackcurrant fruitiness.
Big, rich taste of ripe bananas, fruitiness and sharp clove dryness," Gregg added.
84 A blend of fruitiness and hops that combine to create a lasting taste.
Balances oily melon fruitiness with a slightly bitter acidic twist.
It tastes crisp and dry with acids that burst in the mouth running alongside a lemon fruitiness.
There is fruit in the aroma and flavor, and then that fruitiness kind of drops off.
It has crisp, fresh acidity, a slight sparkle, clean-tasting just-ripe peach fruitiness - and no pine resin.
Dust and spice from the grenache, but the sappy co-habitee in the bottle gives it a soft, smooth fruitiness.
It goes into the mouth soft and smooth and has an almost bubble gum fruitiness.
Light, and fresh with a delicately dry, citric and melon fruitiness, it makes a fine aperitif and goes well with fish and chicken.
Independent Edinburgh outfit's basic French white is an honest, well-made wine perfect for uncorking at short notice with its crisp, green apple aroma giving way to green fruitiness and a clean, dry finish.