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Certainly, it is one of the fruitiest, most flavorful French reds -depending, of course, on the producer--and in that sense it is well suited to the taste of U.
Coban coffees, due to their growing conditions, are the fruitiest of Guatemala's coffees, but they also have a distinctive and not unpleasant bitterness as well as certain subtle woody notes which distinguish them.
Banister Fletcher at his fruitiest remarked that 'in the new Spanish Colonies of South America, the tropical climate was not unlike that of Spain, and thus favourable to the reproduction there of similar architectural features to those of Spain (small windows, flat roofs and courtyards).
Chile boasts ideal conditions for growing the fruitiest olives and producing extraordinary olive oils," says Arturo Leiva, President of Chile Oliva, the Chilean trade association represents over 40 brands of Chilean olive oil, including extra virgin olive oil bottlers, venders and suppliers.
The beauty team tries out the juiciest, fruitiest new shades for summer
The search is on to find the fruitiest cook in the Midlands with the regional heat of a national baking competition.
Bin 36 promotes the wines by listing each from driest, to fruitiest and lightest to fullest.
Each jar is packed with a whopping 40gms of top quality fruit per 100gms - so it really is the fruitiest.
But it is likely to have been some of the fruitiest exchanges in Ashes sledging since Colin Cowdrey walked out to bat in Perth at the age of 41, doffed his cap and told a startled Jeff Thomson: "Good morning, I don't believe we've met - the name's Cowdrey.
MADE with pure spring water and claims it is "the fruitiest ice tea".