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Neighbouring Alsace, in France, produces similar styles, but the grape also makes tremendous - and more straightforwardly labelled - wine in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada, where the flavours tend to be fruitier and more pronounced.
21 vodka to encourage trial of the fruitier formats.
If you do fancy goals there's a couple of fruitier pokes further down that list.
That dry introduction is, I noted, a little deceptive asthe wine seems to finish off with a fruitier, almost sweeter, note.
The reason the North West drinks Dandelion & Burdock and Vimto is because unlike most fizzy drinks which are very sweet, they have fruitier, sharper flavours which are soft, rounded and smooth," he says.
This is not just because we demand fresher, fruitier wines these days, but also because the producers themselves can't afford to sit on their stock for several years before releasing it on to the market.
Vindaloos scream for fruitier styles; a sweet German riesling, perhaps, or if the dish gives off scorching heat and contains lots of chilli then a Southern Italian red.
Containing pineapple, coconut, mango kernal butter, guarana and papaya, Amazon is a fruitier, more invigorating collection, with a shower gel (pounds 2), exfoliating body buffer (pounds 3) and rehydrating body cream (pounds 3).
More restrained and Rhone-like than the bigger, fruitier Australian style, it has good balance and complexity, making it a more food friendly wine than many of the more jammy Australian examples.
Or get even fruitier in a green, floral-patterned shirt, pounds 12, worn with lime-green skirt, pounds 11, above, both from Miss Selfridge.
The brand was originally brewed as an ale, with the fuller fruitier flavors the style demands, but U.
Young drinkers have turned more towards the sweeter and fruitier drinks supplied by white spirits manufacturers, and dark spirits companies have been slow to add flavored brand extensions, something difficult to do with some of the more strong-tasting whiskeys and brandies.
A southern, warm-climate chardonnay is fruitier than its leaner Chablis cousins, and Le Manoir Du Baron Chardonnay 2011, France (PS5, Asda) is a creamy, nutty white with some minerality that can be enjoyed on its own; with creamy pasta dishes or poached skate with an autumnal chanterelle mushroom ragout for a seasonal treat.
It has a lot of bigger and fruitier flavors, and she noticed some smoke with it.
This new flavour is fruitier than other varieties, with the dryness of the raspberries somehow making it taste more grown up.