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88 Energy has now fruitfully examined the blowout preventer in the well, utilized to seal, control and monitor oil and gas wells to abstain a blowout of oil, and said the rig is now moving back in position to restart drilling.
It is also perhaps for the first time that every item on the agenda could be discussed fruitfully and the meeting finished half-an-hour after it began.
GE-l underlined that the meetings between the two countries went fruitfully and both countries agreed on increasing trade volume from $ 2 billion to $ 5 billion.
Below are some of the tips for you to spend the day of hearts fruitfully.
She rightly points out that utilizing your network fully and fruitfully takes effort, practice, self-promotion and a willingness to give in order to get back.
And that intimate familiarity with the building helps us to establish a rapport and collaborate fruitfully with tenants that elect to move there.
We are ready to fruitfully cooperate in nuclear security and non-proliferation of nuclear materials," said Ukrainian president noting that such cooperation demonstrates reliable Ukrainian-American partnership.
com)-- Dubbed "Stretching the Limits - bullion Fever", the challenge is an exuberant way for clients, potential traders, and even the “just curious” individuals in trading gold and silver futures to ascertain if they "got the knack" to fruitfully trade gold and silver contracts.
With the food side of things developing fruitfully Mr G, aka George Ikamba, kicks off Soul Kitchen's live music sessions this month with Live Jam.
According to Uriah Kriegel, there are two: our conscious experiences, and the ability to fruitfully interpret things as having intentionality.
The 14 other campaigns have ended less fruitfully, but overall, in 120 games - 60 home and 60 away - the team has won 69, drawn 22 and lost just 29, while scoring 208 and conceding 119.
Biologists who have been led to a semiotic view argue that life processes themselves, by their very nature, are meaning-making informational processes and thus can be fruitfully understood within a semiotic perspective.
The first edition of the programme was a huge success and we see the need to have our young minds involved fruitfully during the summer months," noted Dr Ahmad Saad Al Sharif, Secretary General, DSC at the launch of the programme earlier this week.
Stanley, many of his students and researchers elsewhere (notably at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico) have shown how mathematical methods used by physicists to describe natural phenomena can be fruitfully applied to the economic phenomena contaminated by human influence.
He offers an introduction to college students that may fruitfully lead to further research and interest.