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Synonyms for fruitcake

a whimsically eccentric person

a rich cake containing dried fruit and nuts and citrus peel and so on

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The man, who ate 63 hotdogs in 12 minutes, left the world fruitcake eating record on the table on December 26.
Two-pound fruitcake bricks will be given away through a PayPal application built on Facebook Platform by Tony Hawk, Jimmie Johnson, Yao Ming, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, Ben Roethlisberger, and Fall Out Boy -- to benefit their favorite charities.
Five hundred pounds of fruitcake later, they realized they might be on to something, moving to Greenville and opening their first store in 1975 located at E.
Kobayashi, who gulped down 63 hotdogs in 12 minutes in 2007, wants to be the winner of the fruitcake eating competition after he was runner up at Nathan's hot dog eating competition.
In a small bowl, combine the fruitcake mix and rum.
A source close to the fruitcake, sorry singer, said: "Michael has always surrounded himself with kids and now he wants to surround himself with his own kids - but he doesn't want to remarry to have them.
A fruitcake display from Paulo Wanchope, sent off late in the game for a second booking, typified a woeful performance from Kevin Keegan's team.
Lin's sister and brother arranged the production and painstaking delivery of an incredible tiramisu, which went with our traditional Australian wedding fruitcake topped with two brides made of sugar.
It has a multi-layered flavour of ripe summer pudding, liquorice, fruitcake and black pepper.
The holidays just aren't the holidays without the inevitable fruitcake from Aunt Betty and that traffic-snarled drive to-and-fro Grandma's house.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- There's a lot to love about the holiday season, but fruitcake is one of those things that doesn't usually top the list.
PRESIDENTIAL PASTRIES: Collin Street Bakery, a Texas-based business founded in 1896, is, for many, synonymous with its well-known DeLuxe fruitcake.
Ah, yes, but fruitcake may contain nuts, as we saw this week when UKIP came under unprecedented scrutiny.
Historically, fruitcake has been around since the Romans and the ingredients, while changing to some degree through the years, are basically the same: dried fruit and nuts in a cake that is preserved either with the use of sugar or by soaking in spirits.