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Synonyms for fruitage

the produce harvested from the land

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the yield of fruit

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Ultimately, he explained, "the forms of our life, its flowering and fruitage, the things of the spirit, the character of happiness, whatever constitutes the goal of living, gets its quality and significance from these.
From the fruitage, from the blossom, From the trees came no denying; Then my heart said in my bosom: 'Wherefore art thou sad and sighing?
Toil if you will on your perfect borders and exciting water-features, waste precious hours of your life picking the minutest of weeds from the minutest of window boxes, enthuse about the glory of fruitage but I prefer to spend my leisure hours doing something less constructive.
Smucker Company is entering the frozen dessert arena with a revolutionary product called Fruitage.
Fruitage is a whole new way to enjoy the goodness of fruit in a frozen treat," said Vicki Limbach, manager of communications for The J.
Digital Factory and Kondara Project will continue to share their fruitage with the open source community and participate and contribute to the activity of specifying LI18NUX2000 Globalization Specifications.
Ruskin sees an essential character of Gothic forms in "this wildness of thought, and roughness of work; this look of mountain brotherhood between the cathedral and the Alp" and these are the material cultures of people who, unlike dwellers in the Mediterranean or the tropics, "may not gather redundant fruitage from the earth, nor bask in a dreamy benignity of sunshine" (Ruskin 1851-1853: I 144).
In ignorance leaving the fruitage of the earth in mystery to the immortal gods, they neither plow nor sow by hand, nor till the ground,.
We hear the cry for bread with plenty smiling all around; Hill and valley in their bounty blush for Man with fruitage crowned.